Galil DMC-B140-M

Galil Motion Control Model DMC-B140-M for 4 AXIS MOTION CONTROLLER WITH RS-232 & ETHERNET PORT , PULSE MODE for Position Control to Stepper and Servo Amplifier


B140 Performance Specifications

Stepper Control Pulse TTL(0-5 Volts) level at 50% duty cycle. 3,000,000 pulses/sec maximum frequency Direction TTL (0-5 Volts)

Encoder input A+, A-, B+, B-, I+, I- TTL compatible, 

Quadrature phase on CHA, CHB Can accept single-ended (A+, B+, I+ only)

or differential (A+, A-, B+, B-, I+, I-)

Maximum A,B edge rate: 12MHz

Minimum Index pulse width: 80 nsec

Input/Output Uncommitted Inputs : 8 IN/4 OUT Home, Forward Limit, Reverse Limit each Axis with INTERCONNECT MODULE  OPTOISOLATED

Power +24 VDC

Performance Specifications

Minimum Servo Loop Update Time: 250 usec

Position Accuracy: +/-1 quadrature count

Velocity Accuracy: Long Term Phase-locked, better than 0.005% Short Term System dependant Position Range: +/-2147483647 counts per move

Velocity Range: Up to 3,000,000 pulses per second

Velocity Resolution: 2 counts/second Variable Resources 126 variables

Variable Range +/-2 Billion (32 bit, signed) Variable Resolution 16 bit fraction

Array Size: 800 elements, 6 arrays Program Size: 450 lines x 40 characters

Program Features: 4 Program threads, 62 labels

Communication: 4 handles

Ethernet: 4 handles

Serial: 1 RS-232

Vector, Linear Interpolation: 32 Segment buffer

Contour Mode: 32 Contour

Electronic Cam: 257 Ecam table

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