Stereo Microscope

Generate three-dimensional and laterally precise images. With a Stereo Microscope you observe large samples such as leaves and tissues or inspect rough material surfaces.


Stereo and Zoom Microscopes

Upgrade your microscope flexibly with different digital cameras and benefit from various types of illumination techniques.

- Large object fields

- Extended working distances


Product Models

# Image Model Name Detail
Axiozoom V16 ZEISS Axio Zoom. V16 for Materials Your Stereo Zoom Microscope high resolution and high speed for Large Fields.
SteREO Discovery V8 ZEISS SteREO Discovery. V8 Crisp and Brilliant Images throughout the Whole 8:1 Manual Zoom Range
SteREO Discovery V12 ZEISS SteREO Discovery. V12 Your Modular Stereo Microscope with Motorized 12x Zoom. Enhanced three dimensional impression over the whole 12:1 zoom range.
SteREO Discovery V20 ZEISS SteREO Discovery. V20 Your Modular Stereo Microscope with Motorized 20x Zoom. 20:1 zoom range to go from largest overview into the smallest details.
Stemi 305 Stemi 305 is your compact Greenough stereo microscope with 5:1 zoom for biological education, labs and industrial production environments.
Stemi 508 ZEISS Stemi 508 Greenough Stereo Microscope with 8:1 Zoom then allows to bring details up to 50× magnification

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